Those Angels, Inc. have partnered with Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) to help provide transportation for the students of Carrefour and other parts of Haiti. SCUSD donated seven school buses to Those Angels, Inc. to bring this dream to reality. Through the Denton Program, the United States Air Force, airlifted all seven school buses to Haiti on our behalf.  Please click on the links below to learn more about our FREE school transportation project.        


  • Our school bus program will provide FREE transportation for 300 students.

  • We will provide FREE transportation for students from Carrefour who walk multiple miles a day, in unsafe conditions, to get to school. 

  • ​With just $1 a day or $25 a month, you can help a child get to school and home safely.

  • With just $300 per year, you can provide FREE transportation for a child for the entire year!

  • Become a sponsor today!      



In 2015, Those Angels, Inc. built its first school, Ecole Communautaire Foyer Des Anges (ECOFA) elementary school.  During its grand opening, 45 children from the community of Grand Cay, a small neighborhood in the hills of Carrefour, registered and were admitted to attend our school.  Working with Those Angels, Inc., members from the community of Carrefour have been successful in maintaining and supporting the education of these students during the school year of 2015-2016.  This was only made possible by the tremendous efforts, of the local community, our volunteers, and our financial supporters.  Today, we are provide FREE elementary education for 150 children.  ​


  • We have 150 students attending our school and who receiving a FREE education. 

  • Our goal is to increase the number of students attending our school to 200 and continue to provide them with a FREE education but we cannot do it with out your help. 

  • ​With just $33 a month you can provide a child with a FREE education and a daily meal. 

  • With just $396 per year, you can provide FREE education and FREE school lunches for a child for the entire year! 

  • Sponsor a child today!      


Hurricane Andrew indiscriminately devastated the southern region of Haiti.  Destroying 90% of the region's infrastructure, killing thousands of people, and leaving over a 100,000 people homeless. It is the worst natural disaster since the 2010 earthquake to hit Haiti.

In coalition with various other organizations (i.e. True Faith Baptist Church in Oakland, CA, DHL, and Fonacha), Those Angels, Inc. led a relief a effort to provide funds for families to fix their homes that were destroyed by the storm and collected and shipped over $60,000 worth of medicine and medical supplies to the region.  We thank all who participated and made this possible. 


We are continuing our effort to aid the areas devastated again by the hurricanes of 2017.