Those Angels, Inc. was founded in 2014, with the mission to build

schools and to support the educational, cultural and social development of Haitian communities in Haiti and in the US.  We strongly believe in community involvement; in our effort to support the communities, we believe community leaders have to be at the forefront of each projects we undertake; and involving community members as the stakeholders of our projects is our number priority. 

Our role is simply to provide the community with the needed resources to lead themselves.  Notwithstanding, we work closely with the community leaders to make certain the resources are being used for their intended purposes.    

Everyone who is involved with Those Angels, Inc. at whatever capacity, from our founder, ambassadors to one time volunteers understands one thing: we do not tell the community what they need to address their concerns, it is they who tell us what they want to work on to advance their neighborhood and our role is to support them in the effort by making available to them the resources required to achieve their goal.  


Those Angels, Inc. goals are:

1) To provide FREE education, FREE school transportation, and FREE school lunches to economically disadvantage children and orphans in Haiti;


2) To build schools and other educational facilities in Haiti.


3) To support the educational, social, and cultural needs of Haitian communities in the U.S. and in Haiti.   

 Angels' Board members and Ambassadors 


Claude Joseph Founder

Estela Rios cropped.jpg

Estela De Los Rios

Dennis Mc..jpg

Dennis McLaughlin Embassador

carlos 1.jpg

Carlos Padilla Board Member

Ian Arnold (crop).png

Ian Arnold Embassador


Theresa Rutherford
Board Member

Libby bolin.jpg

Libby Bolin Embassador


Mark Williams  Board Member


Jaja Malik Atenra
Board Member

michael bolin.jpg

Michael Bolin Embassador